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18.12.06 04:01
omfg. juju hdf einfach. ich bin nich so summ wie du.

( -/- )
17.12.06 12:30
hey guys, just wanna say hi 2 all of u from aussie, im lzing around in the sun all day and my dad is sleepimng all the time. miss u already, hope the ones staying in nz have another half year of fun and hope 2 c the others in germany very soon, and all of u on the 7.7. hehe. xoxo anna

ice chick1
( Email )
17.12.06 11:35
yea it duzn mean ho at all. hun means honey and its SAM this time u idiot. check dat

( Email )
17.12.06 11:25
lol? i no tha hun doesnt mean ho omfg.

kate tha partychick
( Email )
17.12.06 10:35
omg u2 plz stop fightin!!! b nice 2 each otha!!!!
hun is like huny n means darlin not hohua!!!
n basty, u r lucky2stay here n as julie said ur stay here is as great as u want it 2b n if u dun wana thn itll b borin!!!
newae i luv both of u n cant believ u nt hea nemre!!! im so sad bwt us gettin2 no each otha tht l8!!!
bt hope2c u again in germany k?
n basty u still gota b hea4half a year n im hea2 haha hw scary lol
ve a gud 1 :DDD
luv u guyz

ice chick1
( Email )
17.12.06 09:32
Im not cryin. Y should it be me to be tryin im used to that at least both are. and u told me so much shit basty about him and stuff so shut the fuck up sebastian. U didnt wanted to do NANYTHING with me even if i asked u a thousend times, so u stop tellin me at msn how much u miss us and me and things like that. its ur own fault.
Oh come on boi, u were so drunk look at wot u wrote: u doesnt count
No its not because of that that i wanna be back. i wana be back because the sun is shinin over there and because its warm and green and every one is nice n stuff. Just because ur such a lil fucker and u cant see how lucky u are to be stayin for another half a year and just because u cant have fun with the things u r given over there and u cant seize opportunities and u r just hanging around at home bein boring and bein sad talkin with ur mates in germany! soon ull see, wot u did wrong and how much time u wasted! so stop bein such a bastard!
u dont know what its like to be bak here and everything starts againfrom the very beginnin all the shit with chrissi und freda all the shit with juli darfder mal anfassen all THAT SHIT!!! all the shit about bitchy sluts tryna make your life harder than it already is because they are jealous or wotever because im friends with andys friends or because im not 45kgs with no ass and wearing heaps of that brown makeupstuff just to hide that in real life i just look like everyybody else or because i dnt have to bitch around for being known by pepz. so SHUT THE FUCK UP WHEN UR TALKIN ABOUT THINGS U DONT KNOW A SHIT ABOUT
i thought u r my friend y cant u understand what i FEEL
I miss u so much basty but i dnt like wot u became like in the last few month

( Email )
17.12.06 01:10
hahah i no nuthin bwt u nd ho? hahahha im ho´s hostbro so i no all da stuff u told him or did wif him so stfu. yea ho read it all in here coz i showed him this page. and i wasnt drunke when i wrote this so u were wrong.
c u jst complain bwt da weather u hv ur friends their u can go everywhere nd shit. u cn buy alk u cn go 2 da soccer stadium nd all dat mean shit. nd i jst hang round here nd do nuthin MEAN! u jst say its mean ova here coz ho is here nd its ur own fault that nuthin reli happen between u`s coz u ddnt try hard enough. so stop cryin bwt that shit.

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